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Workshop by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer


Start Your First Font in Glyphs

Start your first font in Glyphs. Introduction to type design in three sessions where you learn how to sketch and digitize letters. Rainer Scheichelbauer is a part of the Glyphs team and creates typefaces, teaches type design and gives type design workshops. He runs type service office Schriftlabor in Vienna.

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Talk by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer


Making a Difference with Fonts

Contrary to popular belief, fonts are not merely beautiful hobbies for type nerds or simple tools for any task, but can really make a difference. Join Rainer Scheichelbauer on a tour through the political side of type design.

Font Gamification. Can animations be put into fonts? And what about games? Learn the answer to these questions in the second part of Scheichelbauer's talk.

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Talk and Workshop by Or Type


Experimental Type Design

Or Type challenge the conventions of typographic tradition by designing typefaces that have their own reason for being, rather than filling a gap in the font market.

Recent projects include the release of the type family Separat and the design of a custom typeface for the Swedish fashion brand ARKET. Or Type will talk about the history of their type foundry and some of their key typefaces – and how to work together over long distance.

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Talk and Workshop by Trine Rask


Type Design – Varied or Variable?

Type design is many things: letter – word – text – type family. Historical and practical elements play an important role together with aesthetics and design, from brief to finished font.

With the new type format Variable Font, it is “easy” to generate a huge type family from few masters. But will it impact the design process, so we end up with less interesting and varied type designs?

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Talk and Workshop by René Sørensen


Drawing ‘n’ and ‘p’ in Glyphs

Focusing on designing and building two letters of the alphabet (n & p), this workshop will touch upon drawing letters by hand, digitizing your sketches in Glyphs and the basics around creating a font.

René Sune Sørensen will share his knowledge and guide the participants through the steps of drawing, digitizing and building a font.

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